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Let's work together to positively impact and create a more sustainable and socially responsible future.


Our corporate partnership is an opportunity for your brand to meet its CSR objectives, make a difference in the world, and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.


Adopt A Project

Partner with the Marpu Foundation and make a meaningful impact in communities across 22 states. Choose from our diverse range of local projects aligned with sustainable development goals and customize your CSR efforts based on your desired location and area of focus. Our team will expertly guide and support you every step of the way, ensuring your project's success and providing regular updates on its impact. Together, let's drive positive change and make a lasting difference.

Corporate Donations

Join us in making a powerful impact on the causes that matter most to your company. By making a generous, one-time donation to the Marpu Foundation, you can directly support a wide range of programs working towards sustainable development goals. Choose the specific cause that aligns with your values, and watch as your contribution makes a real difference in the world.


Corporate Volunteering

Elevate your employee engagement program by offering meaningful volunteering opportunities through the Marpu Foundation. Your team members can make a difference in the world by participating in various hands-on projects, such as teaching, planting, school painting, and more. Or, they can contribute their skills and expertise through virtual volunteering initiatives like audiobook creation or fundraising. No matter how they get involved, your employees will make a big impact through small actions.

Payroll Giving

Empower your employees to make a difference in the world through the Marpu Foundation's payroll-giving program. By encouraging them to contribute a portion of their salary towards changing children's lives, you can foster a deeper connection to your company's social ethic and make a meaningful impact. Plus, consider offering a matching grant to inspire even more giving and magnify the impact of your team's generosity.


Event Sponsorships & Participation

Join the Marpu Foundation in raising awareness for sustainable development goals through exciting events like marathons, cyclothons, and sports tournaments. As an event sponsor, you can not only support a worthy cause but also increase your brand's visibility. Or, consider pledging a fixed amount to allow a set number of your employees to participate and make a tangible difference in the world.

Donation Boxes

Join forces with the Marpu Foundation to make a difference in the world and showcase your commitment to sustainable development goals. By placing physical or digital donation boxes at your office or retail locations, you can provide an easy and convenient way for your employees or customers to give back. Plus, with co-branded boxes, you can proudly display your association with the cause and inspire others to get involved.

Cause-Related Marketing

Maximize the impact of your marketing efforts by aligning them with a meaningful cause. By partnering with the Marpu Foundation for a cause-related marketing campaign, you can drive positive change in the world and strengthen your brand reputation and achieve your business goals. Together, let's harness the power of marketing for good and make a lasting impact on the world.



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