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Let's work together to positively impact and create a more sustainable and socially responsible future.


Our corporate partnership is an opportunity for your brand to meet its CSR objectives, make a difference in the world, and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.


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A New Chapter in Employee Engagement

Elevate your team’s spirit and engagement by diving into a sea of hands-on and virtual volunteering opportunities with the Marpu Foundation. Whether it’s on-ground activities like tree-planting and school painting or virtual initiatives like audiobook creation, your team’s contributions will weave into the tapestry of positive change.


Payroll Giving
Empowerment Through Generosity

Engage and inspire your team through our payroll giving program, designed to seamlessly integrate with your operation. Encourage them to dedicate a part of their salary towards sculpting a better future for children and communities. Consider a matching grant to amplify their contributions and deepen their connection with your corporate social ethic.

Event Sponsorships
Merge Visibility with Impact

Amplify your brand’s presence while championing for sustainable development goals through our vibrant events like marathons and cyclothons. Sponsor, participate, or do both - every stride taken will be a step towards fostering a sustainable and inclusive world.

Donation Boxes

Simple Giving, Significant Impact

Collaborate with Marpu Foundation to spotlight your commitment towards sustainable development. Facilitate your team and clientele to be part of this change by placing our co-branded physical/digital donation boxes at strategic locations. Simple, effective, and a constant reminder of the collective effort towards change.

Cause-Related Marketing

Where Business Meets Compassion

Intertwine your marketing endeavors with causes that matter. Partnering with Marpu Foundation in a cause-related marketing campaign not only amplifies your brand’s positive image but also seamlessly integrates it with impactful change. Together, let’s weave marketing and altruism to sculpt a better world.

Unleash Positive Change
Adopt a Project

Navigate through Marpu Foundation’s impactful journey across 22 states, tailored to create sustainable developments in communities. Choose a project that resonates with your CSR aspirations - be it in education, health, or environmental conservation. Our dedicated team will not only ensure that your investment is creating tangible impacts but also keep you in the loop with regular, insightful updates.


Powerful Impacts with
Corporate Donations

Channel your company’s generosity into causes that echo with your values. Your one-off donation to the Marpu Foundation catalyzes a myriad of programs aimed at sustainable development. Choose a cause, make a difference, and witness the ripple effects of your contribution in uplifting communities.




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