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JULY | Seven Exciting Opportunities Awaiting You in 2023! | PART 1

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Seize the future with these seven fascinating opportunities, spanning scholarships, fellowships, and courses curated by the Marpu Foundation. Take your career a notch higher by availing these chances that will expose you to the international academic community, nurture your skillset, and challenge your expertise.

1. SDG School 2023 by UNDP

Do you have the fire to make a difference in the world? Embrace your sustainability journey with the UNDP's SDG School. This is an exclusive platform for youth to explore and contribute to sustainable development goals. Hurry up, it starts from July 24th! Link here

2. Griffith University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Your academic aspirations deserve a world-class platform. Apply for the Griffith University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship facilitates you to conduct research at one of the top universities in the world. Apply now

3. I-Stem Fellowship by Inclusive Stem

A testament to the power of inclusivity, the I-Stem Fellowship Program opens doors to equal opportunities for people with disabilities. A chance to showcase your abilities, this program invites individuals with disabilities to excel in the corporate world. Sign up now

4. HSTP – Health Journalism Fellowship 2023

For early-career journalists, the HSTP – Health Journalism Fellowship is a golden opportunity to delve deeper into healthcare and health systems. Get mentorship, financial support, and extensive exposure to health journalism. Details here

5. On farm Technologies Innovation Challenge by Selco Foundation

Are you an innovator at heart? Participate in the 'CatalyseTech On Farm Technologies Innovation Challenge'. Grab a chance to win INR 50 Lakhs by developing affordable technologies for small and marginal farmers. Participate here

6. UAL International Postgraduate £50,000 Scholarship and accommodation award

Explore your creativity at UAL with their International Postgraduate £50,000 Scholarship. This scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, and even living costs for some students. Explore here

7. 2023 Dharampal Fellowship for Teacher Training

The Dharampal Fellowship for Teacher Training is a noble initiative aiming to empower budget private school teachers in India. Get trained, interact with experts, and receive a stipend through this fellowship. Apply now

Don't let these opportunities pass by, grab them now! Remember, the future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow. Explore, Learn and Excel!

Disclaimer: The Marpu Foundation isn't responsible for these events. Verify the details with the respective organization before applying.

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