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Engaging Your Audience: Unique Corporate Event Ideas with a Touch of Volunteering


In today’s corporate world, engaging employees in meaningful activities during events not only boosts morale but also enhances team cohesion and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Incorporating volunteer activities, such as those offered by the Marpu Foundation, into your events can transform the typical corporate gathering into a powerful platform for social impact. This blog explores various unique ideas for integrating volunteering into corporate events, especially within the constraints of indoor venues like banquet halls.

Unique Volunteering Activities for Corporate Events

The following activities are designed to engage participants in a fun, meaningful manner, promoting teamwork and a spirit of giving back, all within an indoor setting.

1. Seedball Making Workshops:

  • Activity Overview: Participants create seedballs from clay and seeds, which can later be distributed for planting.

  • Impact: This activity educates participants about reforestation and environmental conservation efforts led by the Marpu Foundation.

2. Eco-Friendly Craft Sessions:

  • Activity Overview: Host sessions where employees can make eco-friendly products, such as newspaper bags or biodegradable planters.

  • Impact: These crafts highlight sustainable practices and reduce plastic use, aligning with environmental initiatives like those promoted by Marpu Foundation.

3. Indoor Mini Garden Creation:

  • Activity Overview: Teams build small indoor gardens or terrariums that can be placed around the office or donated to local schools or hospitals.

  • Impact: This activity not only beautifies spaces but also promotes mental well-being and environmental awareness.

4. Educational Toy Making for Children:

  • Activity Overview: Participants assemble educational toys or learning kits to be donated to underprivileged schools associated with the Marpu Foundation.

  • Impact: This encourages team bonding and provides valuable resources to support children’s education.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy Hackathons:

  • Activity Overview: Employees gather to brainstorm and develop new CSR strategies that align with the company’s goals and community needs, guided by examples from the Marpu Foundation’s work.

  • Impact: This promotes innovative thinking and deeper engagement with CSR activities.

6. Skill-Based Volunteering Stations:

  • Activity Overview: Set up various stations where employees can use their professional skills to benefit non-profits, such as offering legal advice, marketing tips, or IT support.

  • Impact: This utilizes the specific skills of employees while providing tangible aid to NGOs like Marpu Foundation.

Enhancing Employee Engagement Through Volunteering

Tips for Maximizing Participation and Impact:

  • Promote Pre-Event Awareness: Build anticipation and understanding through pre-event workshops or presentations about the importance and impact of the chosen volunteering activities.

  • Incorporate Team Competitions: Encourage participation by integrating elements of competition, such as rewards for the most innovative CSR idea or best-crafted item.

  • Provide Reflection Opportunities: Allow time for participants to reflect on their experiences and discuss the personal and social impacts of their activities.


Integrating volunteering into corporate events not only enriches the experience for participants but also significantly boosts the company's CSR profile. Activities like seedball making, eco-crafts, and educational toy assembly allow employees to engage in hands-on, impactful actions that resonate with the core values of social responsibility. By partnering with organizations like the Marpu Foundation, companies can ensure these activities have a lasting, positive effect on the community and the environment, fostering a culture of care and commitment that extends beyond the corporate sphere.

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